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A wizard is a male human born with the ability to use magic. A female human with magic ability is called a witch. Magical ability is an inherited trait that can be passed from parent to child, though some wizards come from non-magical families. To perform magic, Wizards often use a staff, though can perform magic without a staff too.

In 'Better Dead than Co-ed' Miss Cackle says you should always greet wizards on foot. "We witches sometimes have a clear advantage. Wizards aren't so good at flying."

Wizards and witches maintain a society entirely separate from non magical society, with their own culture and traditions. Non magical people are genrally unaware that witches and wizards exsist, and Wiches and Wizards prefer to remain hidden. Witches and wizards have their own schools; there are thirty schools for sorcery, magic and witchcraft scattered throughout Britian, mostly in isolated places. These schools include Cackle's Academy and Pentangle's Academy for witches, and Camelot College and Moonridge High School for wizards. There is also a magical university, Weirdsister College.

Many aspects of non-magical society are evident in the magical one, though wizards and witches tend not to use modern electronics and technology; they use magic instead. Witches and Wizards have different fashions, too; wizards wear robes, and witches wear robes or long dresses. younger witches and wizards tend to dress in more 'normal' clothing, like what non magical people of the same age wear.

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