Template:Infobox Military Unit STARCOM is the branch of the USCDF responsible mostly for US naval operations in space, though they sometimes operate in the oceans with their terrestrial arm. Its roles include ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, the deployment of atmospheric and space fighters, and the delivery of USSC Marines, into combat.


The STARCOM NAVY was created in the wake of the DIsbanding of the US lead Stargate Program as a result of the UN drive to limit America's Control over the Stargate and it's overall monopoly on that branch of space travel and exploration.

While the Stargate Program was technically an US Airforce run Project, STARCOM is primarily US NAVY based Program with elements from the other services folded in The Newborn STARCOM Navyhas a small fleet of warships, including a capital ship and single-ship craft.


"Wet Navy"Edit

the STARCOM Navy continued to use terrestrial ships to patrol the seas of its worlds. Little is known about this Naval arm, only that bases existed on Earth's Stormguard Quays and the Secret Alpha site. Other than that, it is known that the Navy possessed numerous Aircraft carriers with a full complement of Combat Aerial Vehicle, suggesting that they were always kept on a high-level of alert.

Navy RanksEdit

Identified STARCOM vessels and stationsEdit








Colony ShipsEdit


Orbital Defense PlatformsEdit

Other orbital facilitiesEdit

Mobile StationsEdit

Remote Scanning OutpostsEdit

Medical StationsEdit

STARCOM Navy personnelEdit

See STARCOM Naval personnel for a list of STARCOM naval personnel.


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