Maud Moonshine



Hair Colour

  • Brown (TV Series and Telemovie)
  • Blonde (Books)


  • Mother
  • Aunt


Student Witch


  • Emma Brown (TV Series)
  • Danielle Bachelor (Telemovie)

Maud Moonshine is Mildred Hubble´s first and best friend at Cackle's Academy. As Maud is short and plump while Mildred is tall and thin, they make as much a funny looking pair as Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom. She wears round glasses and always has her hair in bunches. She comes from a family of witches, much like the other girls at the school. [1]


Maud comes from a family of witches, like most of the girls at the school.[2]

Maud Meets Mildred on her first day at Cackle’s Academy, when Mildred, in full flight, rises up over the gates, swoops along the courtyard and crashes straight into the school dustbins, breaking her broomstick in half. Everyone has a laugh at her expense, but Maud comes to her rescue. Maud helped Mildred to pass the Broomstick aptitude test in their first year, and also helped to save Mildred and Miss Hardbroom's lives during their second year vacation.

In Cinderella in Boots, Maud plays as the evil stepmother, dressed like a mini HB. Maud enters the stage by materializing HB style (probably by way of a spell). [3]

At the end of her third year, Maud decides she will run for Head Girl to get Mildred and Jadu reinstated back in the school, but realises this won't be easy when she discovers that Ethel is also running. Maud changes her mind, and asks everyone to vote for Mildred and Jadu instead. Miss Cackle agrees and reinstates both of them, and makes Mildred Head Girl and Jadu Deputy Head Girl. [4]

In her fourth year, Maud is made first year mentor, meaning she has to look after them, making sure they don’t get too homesick, and supervising their homework sessions. [5]

Midnight is Maud's cat; she is described as a normal, easygoing black cat. Maud also has a bat, Barney, that she got her birthday in her first year. [6] Maud’s birthday is in Feburary, in the holiday between winter and summer term.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a short, plump girl with round glasses who always wears her hair in bunches. Later in the series, Maud grows her hair longer and loses a lot of her weight, as her mother makes her go on a strict diet.
File:Img034 maud.jpg
In A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch she wears two plaits instead and in The Worst Witch Saves the Day she has curly bunches instead of straight ones. In the TV series, her chubbiness is dropped but her small stature, bunches, glasses, and loyalty towards her friends remain intact.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Maud is usually very gentle, but she can become quite snappy when someone attacks her best friends. She even dares to face Miss Hardbroom when it comes to defending Mildred. Mostly Maud is the voice of reason and tries to prevent Enid from leading Mildred down the path to mischief.

She has stood up to Ethel many times, most notably in The Worst Witch All at Sea where she reprimands Ethel about eavesdropping on a conversation between her and Enid about Mildred acting strangely.
Millie Maud

Maud with Mildred

She has also sprung to Mildred's defense several times, such as in the episode "Learning the Hard Way" where she comments to Miss Hardbroom that Mildred would never have any confidence if she kept shouting at her.

She is fiercely loyal to Mildred and assists her on most of her adventures, often against her better judgment. Maud is a decent and considerate person, but grows weary of Mildred's incessant clumsiness and often lectures her on how to improve herself- Though Ironically, Maud is not a perfect angel either. Maud is more sensible than Mildred, but usually gets mixed up in Mildred's escapades.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Maud Appears to be one of the best in the class at spells, after Ethel. She also has a talent for chanting, having been selected by Miss Bat to do a solo performance at Miss Cackle’s Birthday concert. [7] Maud is also reasonably good at art, though she becomes jelous of Mildred’s talent, but they eventually make up. [8]


Maud is best friends with Mildred Hubble, Enid Nightshade, Ruby Cherrytree and Jadu Wali and has a strong rivalry with Ethel Hallow and Drusilla Paddock.

Maud with Mildred and Enid

In their first year, Maud grows jealous of Mildred and Enid's budding friendship and turns on Mildred, siding with the friendless and vindictive Ethel Hallow. However she tires of Ethel's constant degrading of Mildred and breaks their "friendship" after Ethel locks Mildred and Enid in a store cupboard, siding with Mildred again and becoming friends with Enid.


  • There is some confusion regarding Maud's surname. Her surname in the books is Maud Spellbody, according to The Worst Witch All at Sea. The 1980s television movie gave her surname as "Warlock" and the TV series gave her surname as "Moonshine". Since the TV series was more popular than the movie, "Moonshine" has stuck as Maud's surname for good.
  • In the Latin American dub, she was renamed as "Maud Luna"; in Spanish "Luna" means "Moon". In the French dub, she was remaned as "Maud Moucheté", close to the English name; it means "specked".



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