Lian May
"I may be retired but I still have contacts. And my agency hasn't fallen apart."
―Lian May[src]

Lian May is a retired member of an intelligence agency and the mother of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Melinda May.


Lian May[1] picked up her daughter after her daughter called asking for help. She used her contacts from her former work to find some information about Maria Hill for her daughter. She inquired whether or not Melinda was planning to take her out, and was glad to find out that Melinda only wanted to talk, saying that she always liked Maria.[2]

Melinda May keeps her mother's number in her phone's contact list.[3]



  • She most likely resides Pennsylvania since her car is a Ford with the Pennsylvania license plate "NCQ-21218". She also mentions that she drove 500 miles to pick May up somewhere in Canada's Ontario province; this is indeed roughly the distance from Pennsylvania's major residential areas to Ontario.


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