Jonathan Carnahan
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First Appearance: The Mummy
Alias: Uncle Jon
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Relatives: Howard Carnahan (father)
Evelyn Carnahan's mother (mother)
Evelyn O'Connell (sister)
Alexander O'Connell (nephew)
Rick O'Connell (brother-in-law)
"Knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him..."
Rick O'Connell to Meela Nais regarding Jonathan.[src]

Jonathan Carnahan was the son of Howard Carnahan, brother of Evelyn Carnahan, brother-in-law of Rick O'Connell, and uncle of Alexander O'Connell. A clever man with an eye for treasure and wealth, Jonathan accompanied his sister and brother-in-law on digs and explorations from time to time, often causing some problems for others.


The son of Howard Carnahan, a famed archaeologist, and an Egyptian explorer, Jonathan was well known for misusing his monthly stipend from the family trust fund on liquor, and had been on few digs, despite having the title of archaeologist. This title, however, would not last Jonathan long as he moved onto other pursuits, gambling at first being a vice that Jonathan had, and racked up substantial debts with. Later on in life, Jonathan went on to become an entrepreneur, owning a very successful nightclub in Shanghai called Imhotep's, derisively after the mummy that had plagued him and his fellows.

Early LifeEdit

Jonathan Carnahan was born to respected archaeologist parents and had, in his younger days, attended boarding school, where he had learned to fist-fight other boys. While in boarding school, Jonathan had lived less scrupulously, getting detentions and living much like the playboy he would someday grow to be, dating women frequently. However, Jonathan had studied in some of the finest schools in Europe, though this was only due to the fact that he kept getting kicked out of one and into another, though Jonathan attributed this to absorbing what little information they offered. At an older age, Jonathan also was named the Grand Champion of fox-and-hounds hunting games five times, gaining considerable rifle skills.

Since around 1921 A.D, Jonathan had been "scrounging about Egypt" for artifacts and had found nothing, instead preferring to spend his time drinking and living off his parents' stipend.[1]

A New ArtifactEdit

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Jonathan appeared in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities one day in 1926 A.D hiding in a sarcophagus so as to pull a prank on his sister Evelyn, after Jonathan had had much to drink. As Evelyn had gone into the room in the museum where mummies were kept, she had peered into one sarcophagus to see the mummy inside, only to see Jonathan pop up from the coffin, screaming and shocking Evelyn. Evelyn demanded to know if he had respect for the dead, which Jonathan jokingly replied that he did, but would like sometimes to join them. Evelyn, on the other hand, was in no mood for jokes and so told Jonathan to leave, as she was disappointed by some previous news that she could not join the Bembridge scholars, as they had rejected her application. Jonathan did his best to console her about it, and told her that he had something to cheer her up: pulling out a small, octagonal, puzzle-box-like artifact that he said he found on a dig in Thebes. The box opened when Evelyn held it and pushed a button it, yielding a map made of papyrus. Hoping that he had found something genuine for once, Jonathan asked Evelyn if he had really found something of value, which Evelyn replied, he did.

Taking the artifact to the curator, Dr. Terence Bey to be examined, Evelyn stated that the map was marked with the official seal of Seti I, and that the markings depicted the lost City of the Dead, Hamunaptra. Dr. Bey remarked that the lost city was nothing more than a myth, but Evelyn insisted that it was real, due to her research proving it. Jonathan, on the other hand, was intrigued by the prospect of treasure hidden in the fabled city. As Dr. Bey was about to deride the map's value further, he mistakenly held it over an aromatic candle in his office, which caused the parchment to burn halfway. Jonathan accused the curator of burning off the part of the map with the lost city, but Dr. Bey insisted that his mistake was for the best, as all who sought Hamunaptra had failed, some never returning.

Visiting Cairo prisonEdit

Jonathan had lied about finding the puzzle box in Thebes, finding it instead in the pocket of someone that he had pickpocketed in a shady establishment known as the Sultan's Casbah. The man that he had pickpocketed it from had been sent to Cairo prison; Evelyn had decided to visit the prison so as to ask about the box for herself, and was cross with Jonathan because he had lied to her about finding the box on a dig in Thebes. The siblings, under Evelyn's initiative, had spoken to the Warden, a man named Gad Hassan, about the prisoner, learning that he was imprisoned due to a desertion of his post in the French Foreign Legion, and that his only explanation was that he was just looking for a "good time".

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The prisoner, an American man named Richard O'Connell, was brought out and asked who Jonathan was, and who his sister was. Evelyn began asking how O'Connell had obtained the puzzle box, and if he was really in Hamunaptra when he found it; Jonathan, doubting O'Connell skeptically asked if he was telling the truth, at which point O'Connell recognized Jonathan as the man that had stolen his puzzle box, and proceeded to punch Jonathan through the bars of his cell. Knocked unconscious for some time, Jonathan came to hearing his sister ask the Warden to remain present for O'Connell's hanging, which Jonathan did not want to see, but Evelyn coaxed him to quickly. During the hanging, the Warden was offered varying amounts of money to spare O'Connell's life but rejected each sum until Evelyn revealed that O'Connell knew the location Hamunaptra, at which point the Warden finally accepted 25% of the findings in Hamunaptra.

Journey to HamunaptraEdit

Evelyn and Jonathan waited in GizaPort soon after for O'Connell to show up, Evelyn doubting that he would show up, but Jonathan remarked that he would certainly come. O'Connell did show up, shaven and trimmed, and as Jonathan offered a friendly pat on the chest to O'Connell, O'Connell's first idea was that Jonathan had pick-pocketed him, but Jonathan stated that he would never steal from a partner. After Evelyn had warned O'Connell that she would not condone any tricks, O'Connell retorted that he was telling the truth, as his entire garrison had ended up dead in the pursuit of Hamunaptra. Taking the siblings' bags, O'Connell curtly stepped aboard, leaving the Carnahans to confront a familiar face: Warden Hassan, who had invited himself in the expedition so as to protect his investment.

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Onboard the Sudan, Jonathan met some Americans that had started a poker game, and joined in. Jonathan had learned from the men, named Burns, Daniels, Henderson, that they, along with their Egyptologist consultant named Allen Chamberlain, were intending to find the City of the Dead themselves; one of the Americans, Daniels, offered a wager of five hundred dollars to whichever could get to Hamunaptra first. O'Connell's position as guide was almost revealed, as Jonathan let it slip that he would be going to Hamunaptra as well, but O'Connell quickly stopped Jonathan from saying any more, accepting the wager and leaving.

That night, a group of Medjai warriors, warriors dedicated to the protection of mankind, had boarded the riverboat, almost killing Evelyn in the pursuit of the puzzle-box and map that she possessed. One warrior was knocked into a burning sofa in Evelyn's quarters during the melee and promptly caught fire. Jonathan, seeing the fires burning, and the puzzle-box laying on the floor, had intended to take the puzzle-box and run, but the burning Medjai warrior had stopped him before he could by pinning the puzzle-box down with a hook-shaped blade. Then, as Jonathan made his way out to the deck, the riverboat was on fire and most of the passengers and crew were jumping ship into the Nile. As he stood on the deck, he saw the three Americans firing at the Medjai as if it were all a game.Jonathan derided them to himself for a moment before being caught by surprise as the Medjai that had taken the puzzle-box from him caught up with him, still ablaze. As Jonathan stood facing this man, Henderson blasted him away, leaving Jonathan to appraise their efforts before jumping ship like all the others.

The next morning, when O'Connell, Evelyn, Jonathan, and the Warden had escaped the ship, they were rescued by a group of Bedouin nomads who had seen the smoke coming from the river, and who had taken them to a trading post. Jonathan's money had survived the trip through the river, and so managed to purchase some camels for the four expeditionaries, haggling with a Camel Trader over the price of them. Jonathan was told by O'Connell that he could have gotten them for free, if he had traded his sister for them.

As the four travellers left the trading post, Jonathan complained about the camels and how they smelled, bit and spat, and continued to go with the rest of the travellers, journeying through the Sahara in the night, and stopping to rest for only a few hours. As the group journeyed on in the nighttime, Jonathan was kept awake as the Warden, who had fallen asleep as his camel walked on, was snoring loudly. When morning came, Jonathan and the Warden carried on an argument over which one snored, Jonathan accusing the Warden of snoring and drooling. The argument stopped when the four travellers reached a part of the desert where human skeletons were sticking out of the ground in great numbers, which the Warden had explained were other seekers of Hamunaptra.

That morning, the group consisting of the Americans, their professor, consultant, and diggers had wandered in the desert and had met up with O'Connell and his group. Henderson called out to O'Connell that the wager was still on for whichever group reached the ruins first, and, once the sun had risen, the path to Hamunaptra had been revealed, with both groups racing against one another to reach the ruins first. Evelyn had been racing with such an intent that she had beaten the other team, outstripping even the members of her team, as Jonathan joyously called out to Evelyn to keep going on. The wager was won for the expedition led by O'Connell and the five hundred dollars were his group's.

Settling InEdit

Jonathan and the others in his group had followed the initiative of Evelyn, who had directed them to a certain precipice that led down below the ground level, into a series of tunnels and corridors, and, using a set of ancient mirrors, the group had managed to obtain some light. As they descended down the ropes and into the catacombs below, Jonathan detected an unpleasant smell, which he loudly complained about before seeing that it was the Warden's body odour. Entering the chamber, one of the mirrors from before was tilted so that it caught the reflection of the sun, which reflected off several mirrors in the chamber and lit up everything. The group then saw that they were standing in a Sah-Netjer, a preparation room for entering the Afterlife, and they continued to walk down the corridors, stopping as they suddenly heard a loud chattering sound that sounded like insects. The group finally reached the statue of Anubis, which had sunken into the tunnels many years ago. At that moment, the group heard strange sounds reverberating from the sides of the statue, and, pulling out their guns, turned to face whatever was causing the sounds, only to find the other group of treasure-seekers facing them. Both teams caught by surprise, the debate ensued over who should have the right to search the statue of Anubis for artifacts, with members from both teams pointing their guns at one another. The Americans and their allies outnumbered the other team, but O'Connell, along with Jonathan and the Warden, refused to give up the statue until Evelyn graciously conceded the Americans the statue, stating that there were other places to dig.

The site that Evelyn had picked out was a chamber below the chamber with the statue of Anubis, which Evelyn believed would lead them right to the Book of Amun-Ra, which she was seeking intently. Evelyn said that if they picked at the ceiling of the chamber long enough, they would come up between the statue's legs, if the Americans, which she had described as "beastly" hadn't beaten them to it. Jonathan then continued the remark by saying that when the Americans went to sleep, their team could dig their way up and take the Book of Amun-Ra without the Americans knowing.

As the group had been digging for some time, they took a break in which Jonathan amused himself by tapping pebbles away with a pickaxe as though he were playing golf. As Jonathan did this, Evelyn explained the process of mummification to O'Connell, who was reviled as Jonathan was at the process. Jonathan then hit another pebble, which jarred a great stone mass loose from the ceiling, causing it to crash down onto the floor.

Evelyn identified the stony slab as a sacrophagus that had once been buried at the base of Anubis, indicating that he either was someone of importance or had committed a serious crime. As the three explorers examined the sacrophagus' surface, they noticed that there was a lock-like engraving on the lid, and without a key, the sarcophagus would have taken a month to crack. Evelyn then knew that the "key" that led to the sarcophagus was what the Medjai from the riverboat were seeking. Taking out the puzzle-box as Jonathan called out that the puzzle-box was his, Evelyn opened the box, placing its edges on the lock. At that moment, a scream rang out from a nearby corridor, and the three explorers ran out to see who it was, seeing Warden Hassan shrieking and clawing at his head. The Warden ran screaming down the corridor until he reached a stone wall, which he hit head on, killing himself.

That night, the death of the Warden had O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan concerned as O'Connell told the Carnahan siblings that the Americans had had a misfortune as well: three of their diggers were burned to death, being sprayed with salt acid. Jonathan then remarked that Hamunaptra must really be cursed, which Evelyn derided as nonsense, stating that she did not believe in what she could not see. O'Connell responded by saying that he believed in being prepared, while Jonathan opened to late Warden's satchel to see what the Warden believed in. Jonathan found a broken whiskey bottle which he began to drink heavily from. As Jonathan drank, the sound of hoofbeats rang out from outside the ruins, and O'Connell, taking his elephant gun with him, went to investigate, telling the Carnahans to wait where they were. As Evelyn ran after O'Connell, Jonathan tried to get her to stay put and soon after, the entire campsite was under attack by a number of Medjai, who torched tents and killed diggers as they rode on horseback. The treasure-seekers fought against the warriors with guns, Jonathan among them; Jonathan, drinking heavily from the whiskey bottle, took shots with a pistol at the warriors and was soon found by Beni, who took the bottle from him and drank as well, but spat the drink at Jonathan when he saw the Medjai leader coming for them on horseback. Jonathan ran as fast as he could escaping the Medjai and his blade, and was later found spread-eagled by Evelyn, who, seeing his blank expression, thought that he had been killed. Jonathan drunkenly denied it, to Evelyn's chagrin.


Jonathan, O'Connell and Evelyn had returned to the chamber where the sarcophagus had landed and decided to open it, none worse for the wear, save for hangovers from drinking the late Warden's whiskey. The sarcophagus that had fallen revealed a smaller coffin that the group had opened by using the puzzle-box, and had pried open, revealing a mummy which popped out of its coffin by pressure. The mummy's appearance seemed unusual to those present, as after three thousand years, the mummy was still moist, still decomposing. On the inside of the coffin's lid was an inscription that read "Death is only the beginning".

That night, Jonathan headed to the campfire and saw that O'Connell and Beni were roasting foul-smelling, hairy bits of flesh on pieces of stick and fearfully thought for a moment that they were cannibalsing the late Warden Hassan. O'Connell explained that the flesh was pieces of desert rat, the best that the desert had to offer. Evelyn then joined the campfire, along with the three American treasure-seekers, Beni, Jonathan and O'Connell; in Evelyn's hand were scarab exoskeletons, which she had found inside of the mummy's coffin: the scarabs, she explained, were capable of eating human flesh over a period of years, and were components of an ancient Egyptian curse known as the Hom-Dai, which, because of its alleged strength, had never been used by the ancient Egyptians. The Hom-Dai, Evelyn went on, would cause whoever was cursed with it to bring back the Ten Plagues of Egypt if the victim was ever brought back to life.

The Mummy AwakensEdit

That night, Evelyn sneaked into Dr. Chamberlain's tent and stole the Book of the Dead, which Chamberlain's group, along with five canopic jars, had found. To prove to O'Connell that curses were not real, Evelyn read the incantations within, not knowing that as she did, the mummy that they had found was returning to life. As the mummy awoke, a gust of wind began to pick up, which woke up Jonathan, who saw, along with the others, that the winds had brought a great swarm of locusts from the horizon. Jonathan escaped from the locusts, along with others in the campsite, into the catacombs below. As O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan ran through the tunnels below, the floor began to get sticky and wet, and Evelyn then realised that they were all standing in frogs, which had coated the floor. Jonathan knew that locusts and frogs were part of the Ten Plagues, but Evelyn did not believe that either the frogs or locusts were part of any plagues. Before she could say more, the ground began to shake and from a large rising pile of sand erupted a swarm of flesh-eating scarabs. O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan escaped the beetles at once, running as fast as they could, and as they ran, Evelyn was separated from the group, falling into a hidden trap door in the wall. O'Connell and Jonathan then tried to pry open the door, but it would not open, and as they were trying to pry it, they were alerted by the two Americans Henderson and Daniels that they must run, for the scarabs were coming back. One digger accompanied the two Americans but was killed when he tripped and fell, unable to stand and run when the scarabs reached him.

Evelyn had been cornered by a living mummy when Jonathan, along with O'Connell, Daniels and Henderson, had found her. All had been caught by surprise at the sight of the mummy as it roared at them, but O'Connell blasted it with his elephant gun, tearing the corpse apart, and giving the treasure-seekers time to escape. The treasure-seekers had escaped the corridors and had reached their campsite when they were confronted by the Medjai, who had them outgunned and outnumbered. The leader, a warrior named Ardeth Bay, spoke: the treasure-seekers, having not left, had doomed them all, as they had unleashed an evil creature that the Medjai had feared for over three thousand years. Ardeth went on to explain that no mortal weapons could kill the mummy, and with that, two Medjai brought Burns forward: Burns' eyes and tongue had been torn out; Daniels and Henderson thought that the Medjai had mutilated their friend, but Ardeth told them that the Medjai had saved Burns before the creature could completely kill him. The Medjai then commanded the treasure-seekers to leave Hamunaptra before the creature killed them all. Both expeditions left the city that night, leaving their equipment and tents behind.

In CairoEdit

Two days after the events in Hamunaptra, the expeditions had reached Cairo, taking up residence in Fort Brydon. O'Connell brought by Winston Havelock, an aging fighter pilot, who met Jonathan and explained that he had been looking for one last chance to fight off the enemy and become a dead hero. Despite his displeasure, Winston left jovially, having had several drinks, leaving O'Connell and Jonathan in that bar in Cairo, which was soon after where they shared drinks and met up with Daniels and Henderson, who had decided to leave for Alexandria, but were compelled to stay as the boat didn't leave until the next day. O'Connell, Jonathan and the two Americans shared one last drink before they were about to leave, but all four men, along with every other patron in the bar promptly spat out their drinks, claiming that it tasted like blood, which it had become, along with the water in the fountains of the bar, indicating that the mummy had reached Cairo. Soon after, the skies of Cairo were thick with hail and fire, which were destroying buildings and incinerating bystanders; Jonathan, along with Daniels and Henderson ran to Burns' quarters to find Burns' withered corpse. At the end of the room, standing by the fireplace was Imhotep, his flesh and organs regenerated upon Burns' death. O'Connell began shooting Imhotep, but was stopped when Imhotep, the bullets having no effect on him, threw O'Connell bodily at Jonathan and the two Americans. After doing this, Imhotep walked to Evelyn to try and kiss her, but was stopped when Evelyn's cat Cleo showed up, frightening the mummy off so that he turned himself into a sandstorm and blasted out of the room through the window.

Jonathan, O'Connell, Evelyn, Daniels and Henderson left Burns' quarters after the mummy had appeared, heading to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities. As Evelyn explained, only one person could provide answers: Dr. Terence Bey, who was in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, and who was consorting with Ardeth Bay. O'Connell, along with Jonathan, Daniels and Henderson, drew out their guns when they saw Ardeth but lowered them when Dr. Bey offered an explanation to why Ardeth was in the museum. Dr. Bey explained that he and Ardeth were part of an ancient secret society dedicated to the protection of mankind, working to stop the High Priest Imhotep from being reborn into the world. As they explained, Jonathan was not paying much mind, fiddling around with a bow-and-arrow on one of the museum's displays, but noticed that what Ardeth had said was true: the mummy's powers were growing, as the sun was blackened by an eclipse; in response to this, Jonathan quoted the Bible, and watched with the others as the sun was blocked from the skies.

Later that day, Evelyn asked the two Americans to tell her who was present when the chest was opened: Burns had been present, and so was killed, Daniels and Henderson had been, and finally, the Egyptologist, Dr. Allen Chamberlain. O'Connell then decided to go out and rescue the Egyptologist, compelling the three other men to go with her and for Evelyn to stay behind. To prevent Evelyn from trying to follow along, O'Connell locked her up in her own quarters, entrusting Daniels and Henderson to leave the door closed. O'Connell then left with a disappointed Jonathan, who did not want to risk his life to find the Egyptologist.

O'Connell and Jonathan then reached the Egyptologist's office, which was being looted by Beni, who was given the order by his master to retrieve the Book of the Dead. Beni was subdued by O'Connell, who threw a desk chair at Beni, and questioned: Beni revealed as he was under pressure that he was in league with Imhotep and that as long as he served Imhotep, he was safe from harm. O'Connell, demanding to know what Beni wanted, lifted the knave up by his shirt to the ceiling fan, and Beni quickly told O'Connell and Jonathan that he was looking for the Book of the Dead, which Imhotep required to bring his "dead girlfriend" back to life, and that the Book was worth its weight in gold. Beni finished by saying that Imhotep only needed the Book and Evelyn, but before he could say any more, a scream rang out from outside. All three men were distracted by this, and Beni kneed O'Connell in the groin, allowing himself to escape out the window. Jonathan and O'Connell then looked out the window to find Imhotep, who had just killed Dr. Chamberlain, standing over the Egyptologist's withered corpse, taking both the Book of the Dead and a canopic jar. Looking back at O'Connell and Jonathan, Imhotep then opened his mouth to an inhuman size, regurgitating a great swarm of flies that swarmed all around the surrounding townspeople, but were stopped from taking O'Connell and Jonathan as well when the two men slammed shut the window shutters. O'Connell pointed out that two men remained living, and Jonathan then remarked that the mummy would be targeting Evelyn next.

Evelyn, who had been asleep in the locked room, did not know that the mummy had killed Henderson and been further regenerated, nor did she know that he had snuck into her room; rather, Evelyn woke up as he was kissing her in her sleep, unaware that his own flesh was corrupting, rotting away as he touched hers. O'Connell and Jonathan then entered the room, stopping Imhotep, and frightening him off when they showed him Cleo, Evelyn's white cat.

Escape from CairoEdit

After Imhotep had left, O'Connell, along with Jonathan, Evelyn and Daniels, headed to the Cairo Museum, where Evelyn revealed a thought: if the Book of the Dead had brought the mummy back to life, then the Book of Amun-Ra, the book that she had originally been searching for, might be able to kill him, and they would search for its whereabouts in the Cairo Museum's artifacts. Evelyn and Dr. Bey, who had been in the museum, began reading a slab with hieroglyphs on it, but as they were reading the markings, they heard a chanting sound coming from outside: the townspeople of Cairo had been enslaved by Imhotep, put into a zombie-like trance, and were storming the museum. Jonathan quickly left the building to get his car started, and as he ran outside was found by a mob of the townspeople who rushed to kill him, but Jonathan quickly deterred them by doing as they did: chanting Imhotep's name in a monotone voice, which fooled them into thinking that he was one of them and sent them away. Jonathan then brought the car to the front of the museum where O'Connell, Evelyn, Daniels, Dr. Bey and Ardeth Bay all quickly boarded it, escaping with a number of zombified townspeople trailing after them on Imhotep's orders.

Jonathan drove them all away but was stopped when he reached an alleyway that was blocked by the townspeople. O'Connell slammed his foot on the gas pedal, slamming Jonathan's foot as well, and plowing through the crowd. Many of the townspeople began to swarm on the car and were fought off by O'Connell, Dr. Bey and Evelyn. As the car drove on, Daniels was seized by two of the townspeople and fell out when a sharp turn caused him to be taken down. The group continued to drive on until the car crashed into a fire hydrant and the group was cornered by Imhotep's minions, who parted as their master walked forward fully regenerated. Imhotep spoke in ancient Egyptian, translated by Beni, who told the group that if Evelyn took Imhotep's hand, the others would all be spared. Evelyn reluctantly stepped forward, and Imhotep went back on his word, ordering his slaves to kill off the others, Beni then pick-pocketing Jonathan for the puzzle-box. As the townspeople lurched closer, O'Connell forced open a manhole cover and sent a concerned Jonathan down, followed by Ardeth Bay, but Dr. Bey opted to stay behind and hold off the townspeople, giving his own life to save the others'.

Flight in the SaharaEdit

O'Connell, Jonathan, and Ardeth managed to escape with their lives and due to O'Connell's thinking, they all headed to the sand dunes in Erfoud, where the headquarters of His Majesty's Royal Air Force stood. O'Connell had found Winston Havelock, the last Royal Air Force pilot in Egypt, who was overjoyed to accept the position of pilot so as to rescue a damsel in distress, and end the evil force that had began the crisis. Before commencing the plane, Winston asked Jonathan to head to one of the nearby sheds and pull out some rope: the rope would hold back Jonathan and Ardeth as they flew. Jonathan was screaming angrily as he was dragged through the skies, while Ardeth was enjoying the flight and facing the wind.

As the plane flew on toward Hamunaptra, Imhotep spotted it and summoned up his powers over the sands, causing a sandstorm that had pursued the plane through the deserts, almost engulfing it completely and killing its passengers, but Evelyn, who had been taken prisoner by Imhotep, had taken matters into her own hands and kissed Imhotep deeply, breaking his concentration and causing the sandstorm to ebb. But the plane, having flown so quickly to escape, had overheated its engines and crashed to the desert below. O'Connell had pulled himself out of the seat and helped Jonathan out from the wing where he was tied before going to help up Winston, but Winston, due to a broken neck, was dead in the cockpit. Before O'Connell could react, the plane began to sink in quicksand, taking the body of Winston Havelock with it. Taking a moment to observe it, O'Connell, Jonathan and Ardeth left the wreck, heading to Hamunaptra on foot.

In HamunaptraEdit

O'Connell, Jonathan, and Ardeth had reached Hamunaptra in time and had made it to the inside of the ruins, reaching an entrance that had been blocked off by rocks, which O'Connell and Ardeth removed as Jonathan stood holding the torch. As he held the torch, however, Jonathan soon noticed a mural on the wall that had several stones embedded into it, and pulled one out, examining it. The stone then cracked open, revealing a scarab that cut into Jonathan's arm, tunnelling beneath his skin; Jonathan screamed out in fear and pain, which caused O'Connell to tear Jonathan's shirt, take out a dagger, and cut the insect out, flinging it several feet away, and as the insect returned to the direction from which it was flung, O'Connell shot it with a revolver, killing it.

The group continued to walk through the corridors until they reached a dark chamber that had a mirror in it some distance away; O'Connell shot the mirror, causing it to change directions and reflect light from another mirror, illuminating the entire chamber and revealing a vast hall filled with gold, statues and priceless artifacts. In awe and tempted to take some of the treasure, Jonathan was stopped by O'Connell from taking any of the treasure; the attention paid to the treasures was soon distracted as the three men heard a croaking noise coming from the floor, and a decayed mummy then broke free of the ground, along with more mummies. Ardeth revealed that the mummies were once Imhotep's priests, which O'Connell briefly acknowledged before blasting them away with his guns, as did Ardeth. Jonathan, taking O'Connell's twin handguns from his holsters, joined in the shooting, running out of bullets and tossing his guns at the corpses before running away with his companions.

Jonathan had found the statue of Horus with O'Connell and proceeded to pry it open, but was knocked out of the way by two mummy priests who began to pry the compartment themselves. As had happened with the statue of Anubis, the compartment containing the Book was set up with salt acid that drenched the two mummies, burning them completely. After the two mummies had been cleared out of the way, Jonathan and O'Connell had retrieved the Book of Amun-Ra from the compartment inside the statue. Jonathan arrived inside the sacrificial chamber within the ruins in time to stop Imhotep from ritualistically killing Evelyn, brandishing the golden Book, and Evelyn called out as she was tied that Jonathan would have to read from the Book to kill Imhotep, but the key was inside Imhotep's robes. While Jonathan distracted Imhotep, O'Connell took a golden sword from a nearby statue to fight the mummies with.

In an effort to help O'Connell and Evelyn, Jonathan read an inscription on the cover of the golden Book, summoning a number of mummified soldiers that fought against O'Connell with swords and spears, chasing him throughout the chamber until they knocked him off his feet and down several stairs. Before they could harm him, however, Jonathan read the last incantation (though having trouble with one of the symbols), stopping them from bringing their spears down to kill O'Connell. Jonathan then gave them the order to kill Anck-Su-Namun, which they carried out autonomously. Imhotep, furious and distraught at having lost his love again, stepped forward to strangle Jonathan, but was impeded once O'Connell came forward and sliced his arm off, leaving the dismembered arm on Jonathan's neck for a moment. As Imhotep's arm had come off, his robe had slipped off as well, allowing Jonathan to take the key and give it to Evelyn, holding the Book open for her as she searched for the proper incantations. O'Connell was then thrown back by Imhotep as he threw him about the chamber, slamming him into walls and statues. About to kill him off, Imhotep was stopped once more when Evelyn read aloud the incantation that summoned up Anubis, the god of mummification, who rode through the chamber on a ghostly chariot, and took Imhotep's immortal soul. Imhotep ran after the chariot but lost it, and in a fury he stepped forward to do O'Connell harm. Instead, Imhotep was impaled by O'Connell's sword and brought down into the nearby moats, sinking into the water as the souls within it took him down and robbed him of his regenerated self.

With the passing of Imhotep, Beni, who was in the treasure chamber, began looting as much gold as he could, filling one bag with gold and various treasures. As he stopped to rest, he lowered the heavy bag onto a nearby pole sticking out from a wall. The pole lowered itself under the weight of the bag, being the lever that brought Hamunaptra down, and the ceilings of the chambers, as well as the walls, came crashing down. O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan took the opportunity to escape from the ruins, running out the corridors: as Jonathan ran, however, he tripped and fell, dropping the golden Book of Amun-Ra into a moat, leaving it there as he ran out with the others. As they ran through the chambers and corridors, they reached the treasure chamber and Jonathan, who was tempted by the treasures, stopped to ask to take some of the treasures: Evelyn hurried him along before he could try it. The three survivors were running through the treasure chamber when they saw Beni, who was trying to catch up with them: Beni almost caught up and escaped with them until the doorway that he was trying to follow them through was blocked; O'Connell himself intended to help Beni escape by offering his hand, but failed, leaving the Hungarian behind.

The remaining three escaped from the ruins as they crashed outside in the deserts and stood out in the sands shortly after, watching as the pillars and statues went crashing down. At that moment, Ardeth Bay appeared from behind them on a camel and put a heavily bandaged hand on Jonathan's shoulder scaring him nearly into a heart attack. Ardeth informed them that they had earned the respect of his people for stopping Imhotep from returning. Ardeth then blessed them all in Allah's name and rode off: Jonathan quipped that he was just leaving them and that they would, again, return home empty-handed. O'Connell and Evelyn knew that they were not empty-handed, at least, having one another, as they all rode off into the sunset, unknowingly toting a bag filled with treasures.

Valley of the GodsEdit

Rick and Evelyn had married, and were on their honeymoon when Evelyn received a call from her old professor, Julian Winter, who had asked her to return to Egypt as he needed help with something desperately, but would not tell what it was, only that he "should never have let it leave the country"; Jonathan awaited them in an airport in Cairo, claiming to have been standing outside in the hot sun. Rick knew, though, that Jonathan had been waiting inside and fibbed about waiting in the sun; Jonathan greeted his sister, and the three of them went off to have dinner.

Later that night, at a restaurant in Cairo, Jonathan regaled his sister and in-law with the story of how he obtained a parchment from a rich merchant, which turned out to be useless, and turned the conversation quickly towards when Rick and Evelyn would have children, to which Evelyn replied that she and Rick hadn't even been married that long.

Imhotep ReturnsEdit

Years later, in the summer of 1933, Rick O'Connell had since married Evelyn, had an 8 year old son named Alex, and moved to London, Jonathan taking residence in England as well, and Rick and Evelyn had set out on another expedition to Egypt so as to recover a certain artifact: the Bracelet of Anubis. During the O'Connells' stay in Egypt, Jonathan housesat for them, taking his own residence within the O'Connell mansion, and using it to impress women. All that had remained of the treasures taken from Hamunaptra was a small golden staff, which Jonathan had kept as the only part of his fortune that had remained after he had lost it to "some rather unscrupulous characters", as he put it. One night, Jonathan had invited a showgirl named Sheila over to the mansion, regaling her on his own version of the events in Hamunaptra years earlier, telling her that he killed the mummy and had taken his scepter, much to her impress. Jonathan went on talking about his wealth when three red-robed men stepped out of the room, sending Sheila away as she was told by Jonathan that the house was not his. The men forced Jonathan into an armchair and their leader, a man named Baltus Hafez, stepped forward, Jonathan mistaking him for Sheila's husband and a man named Johnny, who Jonathan had apparently owed money to.

Hafez stated that they were looking for the Bracelet of Anubis, to which Jonathan replied that he had no idea what they were talking about. Hafez, however, was insistent that Jonathan had the Bracelet, as he had mistaken Jonathan for O'Connell (he stops for a moment as he examines the scepter with shock), and Jonathan explained that he was not O'Connell, but a blade held up to his neck by the cultist Shafek changed his mind as he furthered the lie that he was. Jonathan went on to lie that he had lost it in a card game, when a woman dressed in black entered the room: Meela Nais, who was looking for the Bracelet as well, asking in a quiet tone where Evelyn was, as she believed him to be O'Connell as well. Jonathan continued his lie in saying that she had left for either Baden-Baden or Tibet, and tried to lay some charm on by stating that he was single. Meela then reached into a basket that she had brought and pulled out a black snake which she identified as an Egyptian Asp, and poisonous.

Jonathan then lied even more, stating that the Bracelet was in a safe downstairs, and that he had the combination, but Meela would not cease her intent with the snake, as she brought the creature closer to Jonathan so that it may bite him. At that moment, O'Connell stepped into the room, telling Jonathan that he was to have no more wild parties and went on to admonish the cultists for bringing snakes and attempting dismemberment in his house. Before he could say more, however, Meela threw her snake at O'Connell, who caught the reptile at threw it back, hitting one of the cultist thugs. The cultist Shafek threw a dagger at O'Connell but O'Connell caught that as well and threw it right back, the dagger hitting another cultist instead of Shafek himself.

Jonathan (who took back the scepter) and O'Connell later hid in the nearest bathroom (Jonathan was hiding in a bubble bath) where O'Connell asked Jonathan hotly what he did. Jonathan replied that he hadn't done anything recently. They jumped out the window with a cultist firing a Sten gun after them and managed to evade the cultists in the bathroom, only to find out that Evelyn had been captured once more and that Alex was wearing the bracelet. Thus O'Connell, Jonathan, Alex, and the just arrived Ardeth Bay went after the cultists, with Ardeth explaining everything on the way.

Once Rick, Ardeth, Jonathan and Alex reached the museum, Rick told his son to stay behind and "protect the car", a task which Alex mocked because it insinuated that Alex was unintelligent and didn't know what was happening. With that, Rick told Jonathan to stay and keep an eye on Alex outside while waiting for the car. While Rick and Ardeth entered the museum, Alex regaled his uncle with a description of the diamond atop the Golden Pyramid in Ahm Shere and that it was said to be so big that it would beckon travellers from far away to their deaths. Soon after, when Rick and Ardeth began to open fire on the cultists inside, Jonathan frantically unlocked the door and he and Alex hurried into the car, trying to turn it on when the key broke in the ignition. In a rush to find transport, Jonathan saw a double-decker bus driver across the street on break, having a cigarette. Jonathan lied to the driver with a story of how he and his "son" had taken a tour on the bus earlier and how Jonathan forgot to tip the driver, handing the man a pound note. Jonathan lied more by telling the driver that Alex had forgotten a book about Tom Mix aboard the bus and that he and Alex would have to look for it around the seats; the driver obliged, and Jonathan drove the bus away with Alex inside.

Rick, the newly-rescued Evelyn and Ardeth escaped the museum and saw that Jonathan had left the car and come back with a bus, Jonathan remarking that he was "forced to find an alternative means of transportation", and that the double-decker bus was Alex's idea. Jonathan then sped away with Rick, Evelyn, Ardeth and Alex from the museum as Imhotep's minions chased after them. Although they were able to defeat Imhotep's undead priests, Lock-Nah had followed the bus and kidnapped Alex.

To EgyptEdit

After having reached Egypt, Rick found his "magic carpet": the remains of the former Royal Airfield, renamed "Magic Carpet Airways" and run by an old friend of Rick, the pilot Izzy Buttons. Upon stepping outside his front door and seeing Rick, the little pilot rushed back inside, locking the doors as he did. Rick ordered Jonathan to get their bags, to which Jonathan, brandishing his golden staff, stated that he was busy. Rick snatched the staff from Jonathan and re-ordered his brother-in-law with a "now".

Battle in the Golden PyramidEdit

Jonathan and Alex stay behind while O'Connell, angry and hurt, goes after Imhotep. Jonathan then tries to comfort Alex by saying that Evelyn has gone to a better place ("like it says in the good book..."). But then, Alex remembers that the cultists had the Book of the Dead with them, and goes into the pyramid (where, by this time, Hafez has raised Anubis's army) after O'Connell and Alex reveals his fluency in ancient Egyptian. While Alex revives his mother, Jonathan distracts Anck-Su-Namun by fighting her (rather badly at first). Alex then tells Jonathan that he can't read this last symbol (ironically the same symbol that Jonathan himself had trouble with) and Jonathan tells him the symbol's name. Just when Jonathan is about to be killed, the revived Evelyn blocks Anck-Su-Namun and tells Jonathan and Alex to get out while she fights off Anck-Su-Namun. Jonathan and Alex then encounters O'Connell being chased by the Scorpion King (by now a giant undead centaurian of his namesake). The scepter was then revealed by O'Connell to be a closed spear (the Spear of Osiris) and Jonathan then opens it up and throws it, only for it to be caught by Imhotep for him to throw it towards the Scorpion King. Fortunately, O'Connell catches it in time and impales the Scorpion King in the chest, ordering him to take his army back to the underworld with him.

After an emotional exchange where O'Connell is saved by Evelyn, and Imhotep commits suicide after Anck-Su-Namun betrays him (apparently out of fear for her life. Later she gets suffocated by scorpions), the family tries to escape the pyramid, where, apparently, the whole oasis is being sucked in, and just when they thought that they wouldn't make it, Izzy arrives on the airship and gets them to safety. Jonathan loses his grip, but he doesn't fall thanks to some netting. He then yells to be pulled up until he sees the rather large diamond on top of the pyramid, and he demands to be let down. He gets the diamond, and is pulled up into the airship just in time. He is then seen arguing with Izzy about the ownership of the diamond. What kind of compromise they made is unknown.

In ShanghaiEdit

Years later after World War II, Jonathan was managing a bar ironically named Imhotep's, as a reference to his supernatural enemy. After Alex, now 23 years old, makes a great find outside of Shanghai, Jonathan greets him and tells him that his parents will cetainly find out he dropped out of collage (Alex becomes a bit disenchanted with his parents at some point), but he is rebuffed, and Alex then chases after a woman. Just then, O'Connell and Evelyn (now a famous author) arrive to visit while bringing the Eye of Shangri-La to Shanghai. Jonathan is shocked and tries to lead them away from Alex, but he fails, as Alex is thrown onto a table by his chasee's boyfriend, Mad Dog Maguire a friend of O'Connell. O'Connell then stops him and makes it up to Maguire, while scolding Alex for dropping out of college. Jonathan then drives them to the museum, with Evelyn complaining about the speed. Jonathan then drops them off to the museum and stays behind, saying that he has seen enough mummies to last him a lifetime.

Another MummyEdit

Unfortunately, Jonathan later gets his car damaged by the revived Emperor Han's spiked chariot, much to his chagrin. He then joins up with the rest of the family and Lin, a mysterious woman. He and O'Connell then try to stop the mummy from a fireworks truck, but fail, and Jonathan humorously ends up with his ass on fire. O'Connell then catches up to the emperor's chariot with Alex and Lin clinging on to the back of it. While Evelyn and Jonathan are in hot pursuit, the truck catches fire, and they had to jump out before it explodes. Then the family and Lin go back to the empty Imhotep's, where Jonathan serves drinks and ice (for his and O'Connell's pain) on the house. They then discuss the recent developments: The emperor was revived by a small amount of Shangri La's elixir of eternal life from the Eye, a man named General Yang is now working for him, and, worst of all, the emperor has powers over the chinese elements, making him more or less as powerful as Imhotep was.


So Jonathan goes with the rest of the group to the Hymalaians, flown there by Mad Dog. While in the mountains, he humorously bonds with a cow named Geraldine, who he eventually sets free near the gate to Shangri-La. He is then charged with "Plan B" which is that Jonathan blows some charges set on a tower where the Eye is supposed to show the way to Shangri-La. Eventually, he tries to do just that. After some Yetis summoned by Lin stops some of the soldiers, he lights up the charges, encountering a Yeti and humorously trying to ensure it that he's on it's side. Unfortunately, the charges are stopped from exploding by the emperor ("I hate mummies, they never play fair!"), and O'Connell eventually gets mortally wounded by the emperor, and gets on the verge of dying. An avalanche starts thanks to Alex grabbing one of the charges can throwing it at a mountain, and Jonathan scrambles to retreive the Eye. He succeeds and expesses joy at being alive, then goes with the group to Shangri-La to save O'Connell.


They meet up with Lin's mother, Zi Yuan, who saves O'Connell and lets them stay with them for the time being. Here, they learn that Lin and Zi Yuan are immortal, and have been guarding Shangri La for 2000 years. Jonathan then sees Shangri La for himself, and dwells on the possibilities and oppurtunities he could have (a casino for instance). Suddenly, the emperor and Yang attack, and the emperor restores himself, takes the form of a three-headed dragon, and kidnaps Lin. So the group, along with Zi Yuan, chases after them with Maguire flying. Jonathan and Maguire then go to get them air support, and the rest of them goes to confront the emperor. Jonathan eventually flies into an ensuing battle between the teracotta army raised by the emperor, and an undead army of the wrongly sentenced raised by Zi Yuan. Jonathan then helps the group by shooting down and bombing the opposing army. He then gives Maguire Imhotep's as per their deal (the deal was actually free drinks for Maguire and his men, but Jonathan had enough of China at that point).


"Chao chao, Shanghai! Peru, here I come!" Jonathan about to leave for Peru

After the battle was won, Jonathan gets out of China and into Peru with the Eye, because of the apparent scarcity of mummies in that region. However, mummies are then found in Peru some time afterwards, possibly to Jonathan's chagrin. It is unknown what he does after that.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jonathan was a man that was well known for taking little seriously, cracking jokes whenever he felt the need to and playing an occasional prank on those who suspected it least. A man who was susceptible to naivete in some instances, Jonathan well known by some, including his sister, to be a dilettante in his profession and a fraud in Egyptology; his knowledge on treasures and the pursuits of such, however, were as advanced as could be. The consummate playboy in his later years, Jonathan had learned nothing from his past experiences and continued to be as naive as ever, taking women to his brother-in-law's mansion, claiming it to be his.

A tall, thin Englishman with blue eyes and brown hair, Jonathan sported, when on explorations or digs, the clothing typical of a English man in the foreign countries: a cream-coloured jacket and shirt, along with a set of matching knickerbocker trousers, blue ascot and plus-two stockings. One gold ring was worn at times, a pith helmet was sometimes worn with Jonathan's ensemble, and when in such a setting as Cairo, Jonathan would wear a necktie instead of an ascot and hiking shoes in place of his spectator shoes. While in the city of Cairo, Jonathan's cream-coloured jacket bore pinstripes, and when in the field, searching for artifacts, Jonathan wore a plain light jacket. During the summer of 1933, Jonathan wore the same lightly-coloured jacket as he had, but instead of a cream shirt, he wore a blue one, and his trousers were brown; Jonathan wore shoes instead of plus-twos. Years later, in settings such as London or Hong Kong, Jonathan wore extravagant forms of evening wear.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jonathan Carnahan was portrayed by actor John Hannah in all three "Mummy" films and was voiced by Tom Kenny in the animated series. In the The Mummy Returns video game, Jonathan was voiced by James Horan.

While filming The Mummy Returns, John Hannah was given instructions by the directors to not change his portrayal of Jonathan from the first film, in the hopes that it would make him appear as naive as always.

Jonathan's status as a Fox-and-Hounds Grand Champion varies with the source given: in the film The Mummy Returns, Jonathan boasted that he was named champion five times, while in the film novelisation, Jonathan cites that he was name champion three times.


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