"Hey, son, I'll give you my authorization code. It's E-A-T-M-E."
Elgyn (from Template:A4)
Frank Elgyn
Biographical Infomation
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Betty crew
Sabra Hillard (partner)

Frank Elgyn[1] was the captain of the smuggling ship the Betty and the leader of its mercenary crew. Elgyn and his crew were responsible for delivering several kidnapped civilians to United Systems Military scientists aboard the USM Auriga, and subsequently became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak and infestation aboard the ship.

Elgyn was in a relationship with the Betty's pilot, Sabra Hillard. Despite his status as a criminal, Elgyn operated close ties with General Martin Perez of the USM, often performing jobs for the General that could not be carried out officially by his own personnel due to their illegality. Elgyn perished aboard the Auriga in the early stages of the Xenomorph outbreak.


Once aboard the Auriga, Elgyn's first point of call was General Perez's office, to settle payment for the cargo of captive civilians the Betty had delivered and to secure some time in the Auriga's dry dock to make repairs. Elgyn spent this downtime alone with Hillard.

When the Betty crew was confronted by Dr. Wren in the recreation hall over Call's attempts to sabotage his Xenomorph cloning project, Elgyn gave the order to Christie to take out the USM soldiers present. Almost immediately afterwards, the Cloned Xenomorphs escaped from their containment cells aboard the ship and began massacring the crew. The Betty survivors elected to make for their ship and escape, but soon afterwards Elgyn was ambushed and killed by a Drone. His body was then left as bait to lure the other crew members into a dead-end corridor,[2] where the Drone would have attacked them had it not been killed first by Ripley 8.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Drink, Elgyn?"
Perez and Elgyn (from Template:A4)

As captain of the Betty and the unequivocal leader of its crew, Elgyn was somewhat arrogant, often cracking jokes about his team and their limitations. However, the truth was he had the utmost trust in the people under his command (with the possible exception of Call, who was new to the crew). He was particularly close with Christie, who acted as his right-hand man and had Elgyn's complete confidence. Elgyn's arrogance ultimately led to his death, as he carelessly wandered off alone to collect more weapons, not contemplating that the Xenomorphs were intelligent enough to use the opportunity to ambush him.


After the shootout in the Auriga's recreation hall, Elgyn armed himself with a Lacrima 99 Shockrifle. He later collected a second rifle, before also finding and picking up a United Systems Military Pistol, not realizing the weapons had been left by the Xenomorphs to lure him to his death.



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