Edna Giles
First appearance Tales of the Vampires
Last appearance Women of a Certain Age (only in flashbacks)
Name Edna Giles (neé Fairweather)
Status Deceased
Classification Human
Affiliation Watchers Council
Giles family
Known Relatives Unidentified husband
Mr. Giles (son)
Rupert Giles (grandson)
Lavinia Fairweather (sister)
Sophronia Fairweather (sister)
Notable powers Watcher training

Edna Giles, born Edna Fairweather, was a Watcher. She grew up to become a prominent member of the Watchers Council and the matriarch of a three-generation family of Watchers, which included both her son and, later, her grandson.


In her youth, Edna underwent training with the Watchers Council. She demonstrated herself to be extremely insightful, eventually outwitting Roche and Sophie Downs, two old and powerful vampires that had managed to deceive Edna's own teachers. Edna admitted to being in love with "the slightly older son" of the family that runs the local "Giles' Bakery." One of Edna's teachers observed that he "will be long gone from the Council by the time she's running it." This would seem to imply that Edna eventually became a leading member of the Council.

Edna's son and her grandson Rupert Giles would go on to act as Watchers, with Rupert being Watcher to one of the most significant Slayers in history, Buffy Summers.

Edna had two sisters, Lavinia and Sophronia. Unlike her, they were flighty and irresponsible and did not become Watchers, instead using their skill with magic to preserve their youth and beauty.

Appearances Edit

Buffy the Vampire SlayerEdit

Tales of the VampiresEdit

Angel & FaithEdit

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